I Thought it Was A…

The following is an analogy I heard about 10 years ago.  I thought it made a great point and wanted to share it with you, the reader!


What’s the most important issue for you in the 2024 election?

Two women from Southern California were about to cross the Mexican border to return to the U.S. when they saw what looked like a very small, sick animal in the ditch beside their car.  As they examined it, it looked like a Chihuahua, and then and there they decided to take it home with them.  Because they were afraid they were breaking the law, they put the dog in the trunk of their car and drove across the border.  Once safely on American soil, they retrieved the animal and nursed it until they arrived home.

One of the women was so concerned about the ailing dog that she took it into bed with her and reached out at different intervals during the night to touch the tiny animal and reassure it that she was still present.

The dog was so sick the next morning that she decided to take it to the veterinarian.  That is when she found out that the animal wasn’t a tiny, sick dog.  It was a Mexican water rat dying of rabies.

The world, in the blackness of its ignorance, thinks sin is like a puppy to be played with.  It is the light of God’s Law that awakens the sinner to the fact that he or she is in bed with a deadly rat.  “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 16:25).


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