Since When is Alcoholism a Disease?

Did you know that there are at least 100,000 alcohol related deaths each year?  I am sure you are also aware that people label alcoholism as a “disease” or a “sickness.”  You know, people must have hands that can’t help but put the bottle to their mouths and intoxicate their bodies!  They also can’t help the fact that their unruly and irresponsible behavior is harmful to those around them.

When did this bad CHOICE become labeled as a disease? More importantly, why was it labeled this way?  The following quote is by Bill Sardi with Knowledge of Health:

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“Alcoholism is not a disease and efforts to classify alcoholism only serve as an escape from personal responsibility when consuming potentially addictive substances.  Let it be said that the designation of alcoholism as a disease came into vogue at a time when therapists were attempting to gain access to insurance reimbursement for treatment of this behavior.  Therefore, most experts declared alcohol abuse as a disease in a self-serving manner to obtain fees for treatment.  There was no scientific revelation that brought about a definition of alcoholism as a disease.”

I get it, the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10)!

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