Big Tech Facebook (META) Does Not Want Americans to See that there Are Over 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates

“There are over 1000 other presidential candidates that are being censored suppressed and ignored.”

Last week, I put in social media circulation how the people are being played by the powers that are tolerated when it comes to the two options given to them concerning the presidency of the United States (Ephesians 4:14).

The CIA-Controlled Mockingbird Media Is At It Again: Why Are The 1,000 Other Presidential Candidates Being Ignored, Suppressed Or Censored?,_2024

There were so many people reporting to me what Facebook was illegally doing concerning their censorship that I decided to write this article so that Americans could understand the lengths that they are going to in hopes of the people not catching on to their criminal activities (Psalm 94:20).

No wonder why they are being sued by the American people!

Health Ranger Mike Adams Throws Down The Gauntlet: Lawsuit Against Google, Facebook, Twitter, NewsGuard, Homeland Security, Department Of Defense, Global Engagement Center, ISD & Others For Globally-Coordinated Government-Funded Censorship Collusion (Video)

The American people should ask themselves what George Washington meant when he said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

Or what Benjamin Franklin meant when he said, “Freedom of Speech is the great Bulwark of Liberty; they prosper and die together: And it is the Terror of Traitors and Oppressors, and a Barrier against them.”

This is what is at play today against free speech

Again, Americans may want to ask themselves, why are over 1,000 presidential candidates being ignored, suppressed or censored?  This is not new.

Americans, this only explains why the global agenda continuously moves forward.  The people have not figured out that those that are given as options are, in fact, two wings to the same bird.  What’s worse is that 94 % of the people claim that they do not believe the mainstream media that is giving them their two options (Romans 1:18). Read Jonah 2:8.

Conclusion: How do you help people that will not help themselves?

Below are just a few reports that I received from friends who were making us aware of the censorship that was being committed by Facebook (META) alone.

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