Rachel Maddow Lawsuit Filed by Musician Bradlee Dean Is Dismissed by Prejudiced Judge


Rachel Maddow and Bradlee Dean

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MSNBC's Rachel Maddow is up in arms against Bradlee Dean

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A much-debated defamation lawsuit brought by Christian rock musician Bradlee Dean against liberal talk show host Rachel Maddow and MSNBC was dismissed by a Superior Court judge today who earlier openly mocked and criticized Dean and his lawyer.

Judge Joan Zeldon threw out the case after Dean refused to pay more than $24,000 in court costs to Maddow’s attorneys that she ordered on June 25.

Dean had filed a motion July 10 before the judge to recuse herself because of the “inflated and fradulent” attorneys’ fees, which she said would be necessary, if the case was taken up in federal court. The recusal affidavit also spoke of her criticism of the health of Dean’s celebrated lawyer, Larry Klayman and her description of Maddow’s attorney’s firm as “distinguished.”

Unwarranted and inflated

“We’re confident that the judge should have recused herself from the case, due to her bias and prejudice,” said Klayman. “The attorneys’ fees were unwarranted, and in any case inflated, and we are confident of our success on this appeal.”

The difficulty stems from Maddow’s misrepresentation of one of Dean’s radio comments about the morality of homosexual behavior. Dean, who brings his heavy-metal band Junkyard Prophet into public high schools across the nation, talked about about Muslims’ disapproval of homosexuality on his program, The Sons of Liberty Radio. Maddow in turn claimed in a May 2011 broadcast that he was calling for the “execution” of homosexuals.

Death threats

Dean in fact opposes exercising any violence against them, as stated from the very beginning in a post on his website. Dean’s hand was forced when he began receiving death threats following Maddow’s accusation, and he then filed the $50 million defamation lawsuit.

“I did not respond to MSNBC and Rachel Maddow’s assaults on my ministry without expecting opposition,” Dean said. “When you have MSNBC’s attorneys lobbying these judges, it is self explanatory. I will leave it to the people to see the transparency of corruption on the behalf of this supposed judicial system. If the judicial system was doing its job, there would be no MSNBCs or Rachel Maddows. The judge knows all the well what MSNBC does on a daily basis. With a communist slogan like ‘lean forward,’ everyone should know that I am dealing with the very people that are trying to destroy our Republic.”

He added, “We have learned that Maddow’s lawyers are part of a large and powerful District of Columbia and New York-based law firm which donates to, or supports judges in many ways.”

The popular speaker, who has been featured in the New York Times, MSNBC, and Fox News  started his ministry, You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, after his conversion to Christianity in 1995. He now reaches the young to help them find a purpose in life, and to educate them in the Constitution and America’s biblicaly-based foundation.

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